Teresa Palmer and Christiane Duigan on living and loving well


Life is exhausting at times.  We work, we think, we move, we make, we cook, we play, we nurture, and somewhere between all of this, we’re meant to find moments for rest and wellbeing. Moments for ourselves. 

These moments only become rarer once motherhood enters the equation. One of life’s greatest gifts, yet one of the world’s toughest jobs, being a parent requires a level of selflessness and care that while rewarding, can be exhausting. 

Two mothers who know this all too well, and who between them have seven children, are Teresa Palmer and Christiane Duigan.

Born from a need to provide themselves and their children with the nourishment and nutrition to thrive with ease, Palmer and Duigan have launched nutritional supplement brand, Lovewell. 

Created to support women and children like them, here, Palmer and Duigan share what it means to live well, and take us on the journey that led to Lovewell. 


Teresa - Living well to me is about finding what sparks joy in life and pursuing it whole heartedly. When I am healthy I feel joy, when I’m with my children I feel joy, out in nature, having connected conversations with my loved ones, I feel joy. Filling ourselves with good nutrition and watching my children bounce around with boundless energy and passion for discovering the world is what living well is to me. 

Christiane - Feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit. The way that I feel like I can achieve that is by 'keeping it simple’ and not over complicating life, my thoughts and actions.


T - Lovewell began with a conversation about how as mothers, we are often feeling that our days seem to run out of hours and that our self care is taking a toll. So, we asked ourselves a question; what do we really need to honour ourselves throughout these busy days? The answer was simple; a quick pick me up infused with health, energy and vitality that would meet our whole family’s daily nutrition essentials. The seed was planted and that’s where Lovewell began to grow. 

C - Lovewell really was inspired out of a necessity for us, as busy parents we needed a product to nourish ourselves. So we created a fast, efficient and tasty all in one supplement to be able to achieve this. Product development is my favourite part of the job, it’s what I love. The development process has been fun, we worked with nutritionists from around the world to make sure we’re packing as much as we can in one dose for an accessible price. We work with an incredible Australian based manufacturer who sources ingredients from the best places in the world and makes sure that everything is fair-trade and as organic and natural as possible, we did sampling with our kids too. 

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T - Right now it’s lounging around the house with my newborn daughter Poet and her two doting big brothers Bodhi and Forest. Just being together in our home doing activities, eating yummy food and marinating in this newborn bliss bubble, experiencing the dynamics of our family change and enjoying falling in love with this new little babe. Slow, easy, pj wearing school holidays.

C - Being with my family and friends! And something to do with being all together on the beach, at Goolwa on the river or a weekend in Byron Bay - we love going there because of the beautiful beaches, healthy foods and slower pace. 


T - I take a daily bath, I lock the door (mummy only!), I put on a podcast or just sit back and soak in the quiet for awhile, taking time to reflect and check in with myself. 

C - Definitely making sure myself and my kids are getting all the nutrients that they need during the day with our Lovewell shakes. Beach walks help clear my mind and energise me and feeding my sweet tooth - I make sure I’ve got my daily dose of chocolate every day ;)



T - I have become okay with saying no, this wasn’t an easy step for me as I’m such a 'yes and-' person. I love to be social and partake in tons of different activities, take the kids out adventuring but with the addition of another baby, this new venture in Lovewell and gearing up to shoot season 2 of A Discovery of Witches, I realised that I have a tendency to spread myself too thin. More time at home is calming for me, it helps bring order and I seem to be able to balance everything easier with more downtime between social activities. 

C - I’m still yet to strike a perfect balance and calm in my life because my type of brain is always on and I’m always doing a bit of everything at the same time unfortunately. I really need to take some inspiration from Teresa and how she compartmentalises because I might be with the kids and emailing at the same time or on my laptop and have other things happening around me, so I’m definitely a pretty good multi-tasker but I’d rather not because that creates chaos in my mind because there’s so much going on in there at the same time. The other day, I took Teresa’s recommendation and had a bath, lit a candle and had a cup of tea… This really helped!


T - My husband is the cook in our family, it’s his passion outside of filmmaking. I especially love the vegan stir fry he makes, it’s sensational. If I’m to cook I love making a pumpkin soup or a big Mediterranean pasta with olives, sundried tomatoes, broccoli and pine nuts. For breakkie I love whipping up some chocolate vegan protein pancakes using Lovewell mixed in with pancake batter. This is a favourite staple in our household. 'Bodhi’s smoothie' is a scoop of GROW with a frozen banana, a table spoon of almond butter, cinnamon, two dates and almond milk. He makes it on his own and serves it up to us, it’s very sweet and delicious. We also do a lot of juicing in our family too and making yummy new juice mixes is something I love to do with the kids too. 

C - We are currently in Adelaide and we often go to Ruby Red Flamingo - It’s an Italian style restaurant with the most delicious food and a community feeling.


T - Be yourself, whoever that may be, be proud of that person and show it to others. I always try to encourage them to lead with love and compassion first and foremost. My favourite quality in my children is that they’re all so empathetic and have the biggest, most nurturing hearts. They care about others and I always want to acknowledge them for that. 

C - In the words of the modern day ‘Cinderella’ - Have Courage and Be Kind


T - Just doing more of what we are doing. Chrissy and I are often talking about how happy we are, living the dream here in Adelaide with our three kids each, doing all the Mama things we do but also just getting so much enjoyment out of seeing all the kids interacting and being together, living happy healthy lives. I don’t need any more than what I have, I’m so happy in my present life, I just hope to have more of these experiences. 

C - How beautiful the present is. It’s less about looking in to the future and just enjoying the now and how wonderful the gifts of right now are - I know from experience that by being present and in a state of gratitude, the future takes care of itself.


T - Australia! We love anywhere in Oz - a road trip up the Great Ocean Road, five days in Byron Bay lapping up the sun and swimming in the ocean, a weekend trip to Sydney, staying in north Bondi and trying out all the fabulous food there. Australia has my heart and will always be my home.  

C - Like Teresa, Im obsessed with Australia at the moment and feel like I have so much to explore here! But my ‘go to’ overseas holiday is definitely the Maldives. It is so beautiful and completely relaxing - an out of this world experience.


T - I love all the Marie Kondo de-cluttering articles and YouTube videos. Her book was sensational and we have definitely followed her philosophy. Over the past year we have gotten rid over 60% of our belongings. It’s so nice to great mind space by making literal space. 

C - I am currently reading 'Mothering Our Boys’ by Maggie Dent which has been brilliant! I feel like I have so much to learn from my boy Leo and this is really helping me. But for me it’s been more so about listening than reading lately. My favourite podcast has been ‘Super women - We ain’t’ by Janine Allis. So many great lessons here on work / life balance

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T - I’m all about oils for the face, I love a great avocado and hemp oil, Jojoba blended oil is lovely too. I apply oil all over my body including my face, I also use coconut oil in my hair. I love DoTerra essential oils, diffusing them and also using them in my bath. We celebrate yummy scents in our family and my husband is always finding new incense to burn and fragrances we love. 

C - We have been in product development of a Lovewell serum - so I’ve been in testing mode and using that! I’ve never been able to get the results I want from any brands I’ve tested and have a shelf full of different products - so our aim, like our ‘all in one’ supplement powder is to have an all in one facial serum that is scientifically results driven but powdered by nature.


T - There are no specific words I live by but I cherish a life filled with love, children, adventure, exploration, compassion, deep and meaningful connections, thoughtful communication, consciousness, wellness and philanthropy.

C - Love and gratitude is the perfect attitude :)

Introduction by
Lucinda McKimm

Interview by Anna White