A minute with super mother Rachelle Rowlings


If you’re on Instagram then you may have stumbled across the refreshingly honest profile of mother Rachelle Rowlings. She is upfront and unfiltered as she discusses the rollercoaster ride that is parenthood. She talks to The Art of Living about soaking in the happiness of those around you and following your heart.


How would you describe your philosophy on living well?

I’m still discovering this! If you’d asked me a year ago it would have been a lot more decadent than it is now! For me personally living well is being surrounded by the ones you love. Soaking in their happiness as much as your own. But also finding enough time for self-care. Because the relationship we have with ourself is the most important. Because after all, that’s the person your children aspire to, the person your family loves & the positivity you project to everyone who interacts with you! 

What does your perfect day look like?

A perfect day with kids doesn’t exist! But I’m trying to change my mindset that a little bit of chaos is good for the soul. It keeps you grounded & reminds you what’s real. If my kids sleep, I exercise & eat well & I can have even 10 mins holding my husband’s hand to watch something mindless on the TV at night then that’s a perfect day! 

What are your self-care rituals?

Pilates at least 5 days a week. A facial maybe once a month. Dry scrubbing but also a spray tan which is a little counterproductive! And I’m trying very hard to commit to meditation because I’m a Scorpio and that says enough. 

What products form part of your daily rituals?

I’ve just thrown out a lot of products! But my go to’s are La Mer & rosehip oil. 

What have you learnt most from your children?

Resilience. You’ll never know your true strength until you’re a parent. The strength to pull yourself out of the deepest, darkest abyss & carry on with strength and love. But that love that they give you back makes you superhuman! 

What is your favourite meal to share with family and friends?

I don’t usually share! Haha! It used to be pavlova! But now it’s kale chips! How times have changed. 

What advice do you give to your children?

Follow your heart. Trust your instincts! Do what makes you happy regardless of what anyone thinks! As long as you do it with your whole heart! 

What about the future excites you the most?

Every day is a gift! I need reminding sometimes! I’m excited to wake up each day with my family & their health! Whatever happens in the future is a bonus. 

Where are your favourite places to escape to?

At this life stage, we don’t escape much. But I find peace & happiness near the water! 

What are your favourite reads?

I’m currently reading ‘Eat Dirt’ which is about going back to the fundamentals of eating. I just finished ‘Gut’. So my reads are very health based at the moment. And sadly I have very little time for it! My New Years resolution is less phone & more books in an attempt to unfry my brain! 

What words do you live by?

Life is short. Don’t waste your time on anything or anyone that doesn’t bring out the very best in you!