Empowerment coach Natalia Benson on celebrating life along the way

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Los Angeles based Natalia Benson, has a knack for helping women get what they want in life. She is an empowerment coach who also appreciates a good Gucci loafer and understands the psyche of the woman of today. Her down to earth approach has attracted numerous followers who are looking to create a new mindset as they navigate life’s challenges by reducing their fears and allowing their dreams to unfold.

On her journey to owning a spiritual business

The first business that I ever had was making jewellery. I started it when I was 19 and I did everything myself. I was alone all the time and it gave me a lot of space for self-education. I would literally make jewellery and listen to spiritual documentaries. That was my first introduction, I just got myself immersed by listening to videos and lectures on astrology, spirituality and mysticism. It also helped me to heal as I had some pretty severe addiction tendencies when I was in my early twenties. After that I found Kundalini yoga and taught myself how to meditate. I knew that I was looking for something deeper in terms of my work in the world. I wanted to find ways to connect with other people, express myself and feel like I could help others from the challenges that I had been through.

On clarity around purpose

The most consistent issue that women who find me have is a lack of clarity around their purpose and not having the confidence to go for what they want. I feel like I coach women who were exactly where I was a couple of years ago. They need to keep going but there's a lack of confidence, there's a lack of self-worth. and acknowledgement that they can do what they set out to. I can't say the road is easy but it's worth it.

A big thing is figuring out how to love yourself exactly where you are. How to love yourself without the money that you want in the bank, without the outcome that you're seeking or the Gucci bag or the 3 kids. Whatever your desired outcome is, when you can love yourself at point zero, exactly as you are, then it unfolds a lot of miracles.

I believe that with self-love comes self-acceptance and then we can look at ourselves in the mirror and say; I love you, I see you, I accept you. What do you want to do from here? It opens up this magic and it helps the journey to unfold naturally. If you feel confused and lost, you have to get to know yourself first and love yourself first.

I think that when you do that it clears up so much discrepancy. I know that can sound so simple, but it kind of is simple. The ego makes it complex. Trust yourself. It makes it so much easier.

Mirror work

I teach a lot of mirror work as a base practice for changing your own life. It's a simple practice but it's very intense. For most people that I guide, it's deeply emotional at the beginning as they've never spent the time looking and talking to themselves in that manner. It's a powerful place to start.

Self-care rituals

I have a morning practise and I do a lot of breath-work. I follow this with gratitude and visualisation and then I take a cold shower. It's so powerful for your nervous system and it wakes up your senses.

I keep my place immaculately clean and very organised. It's a way that I show myself respect by really respecting my home. I really respect my body, so I eat clean and I stopped drinking alcohol and caffeine which is a huge deal for me, especially the caffeine part!

Weekly or every other week I get a massage. I love massages and I love getting my feet rubbed!

I'm an Aries so I'm all about work. I truly love working because I love what I do. Everything about my self-care practices is too really fortify me to be productive and focused.

If I'm having a day where I'm overwhelmed or unfocused but I absolutely have to work then I take little breaks and I'll dance around for a whole song. I jump around and I'm so glad that no one can see me as I just look like a lunatic! There are certain days where you've just got to get it done so I find fun ways to get outside of my mind and into my body.

On staying grounded

I make sure that I'm getting movement every single day. Being in the human body means taking care of the human body. We are in our most powerful when our muscles feel good and we're moving. I avoid negative media and avoid social media that makes me feel like I should be someone else.

Stand guard at the gate of your mind

Remember to stand guard at the gate of your mind. Be careful what you put in there. I only look at things if they will inspire or empower me on my mission. I do pay attention to world events at certain times but only to strengthen what I'm doing and not just for entertainment.

Eat clean

The other advice that I can give is to eat clean. Eat well and eat intuitively for your body. I think that people think they need to follow certain rules for eating and I did that for years and found it torturous. Now I eat intuitively, for my body and for the earth.

On advice to her younger self

Don't worry it's all going to work out. I used to be so fearful of everything. I was so afraid that I wasn't going to make it, ever find love and get what I wanted. But I got it all and it’s only growing. I wish I could go back and speak to that younger self, I would say 'Just celebrate along the way. Just enjoy. Don't worry if you're not where you want to be just yet. You're going to get there or someplace even better.' It takes practise to shift the mindset. That's one of my biggest and deepest lessons. Just enjoy yourself because it's all going to work out better than you imagined!

Photography credit | Heather Shane