Jordan Rondel from The Caker shares her favourite places to escape to this summer

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Jordan is somewhat of a personality in New Zealand. She caught the public’s attention by making sublime cakes for some of fashion’s top brands and her speciality cake shop and products have modernised the baking world that was once considered a place for mature women. Her French grandparents sparked her love of pastries and lead her to become the creator of these unique and aesthetically pleasing delights. We recently spoke with Jordan about her favourite places to escape to over Summer and her philosophy on living well.

Her favourite places to escape to
I love to escape to Waiheke Island for a few days over Summer where I enjoy the pristine beaches and go to The Oyster Inn for champagne and oysters! I also love the far North of the country on the East Coast - my best friend has a beautiful batch up there in a peaceful little bay which we often escape to. More recently I spent some time on Great Barrier Island, which is so unique and I love how isolated it feels.

On staying balanced over the holidays
I do struggle to relax completely, even when I’m on holiday, and I’m at my happiest when I’m busy doing something. So I try to balance my days off by taking it slow and steady in the mornings, which is when I feel my calmest, and then in the afternoons I tend to cook, rearrange the house, write new recipes, read books, and go for swims and walks.

Favourite holiday memories
I’ve been lucky enough to have some pretty amazing holidays in my life. But one of the most memorable holidays I’ve had was going to Hawaii with my boyfriend, and staying at The Royal Hawaiian which is basically a glorious pink palace right on the beach. It was heaven.

On her daily/weekly wellness rituals
I’ve just started a membership at a new gym, where I’ve rediscovered that I actually enjoy exercise, or at least the way it makes me feel after I do it. So I try to do a pilates class there a couple of times a week. My 20 minute walk to work is a very simple wellness ritual which I find sets me on the right foot for the whole day. I put on my playlist and try to chill my mind before the busy day ahead.

On her favourite summer beauty and wellness products
In terms of skincare I can’t live without Bioderma Micellar Water for cleansing my face, Trilogy Age Proof Daily Defence Moisturizer which is SPF15 and Retinol Reform, which I massage into my face before bed. When it comes to nutrition, in summer I find myself quite satisfied with eating tonnes of fresh berries for breakfast and huge salads for lunch. Summer produce is the best and I try to make the absolute most of it while it lasts.

Holiday essentials
Lightweight beach towels, a hair mask to put on while sunbathing, a box of Grapefruit La Croix, headphones and a stack of cookbooks to read.

Top travel tips
For long distance travel, my number one tip is drinking water, water and more water. I never drink as much water as I do when I travel long distance because I find it to be the only thing that combats the dryness on planes. When it’s shorter distance, I think having good music that you love is the thing that makes the journey enjoyable and the time fly by.

Her ultimate summer playlist
t’s a real medley! Take Me Home by Phil Collins, Oh Baby by LCD Soundsystem, Girls Just Wanna Have Some by Chromatics, Original Sin by INXS.

Favourite holiday reads
I’ve just started reading Beautiful Boy by David Sheff. Very good but very sad.

Her philosophy on living well
I’m someone who isn’t too concerned about trying the find the perfect work life balance, and I think this contributes to my happiness and overall wellness. When I’m busy, which is most of time, I work hard and long hours, and I thrive off it. And when I need a break, I take one. It’s taken me several years to learn that it’s okay to be stressed sometimes, and that stress is not actually the enemy. In learning that, I’ve discovered my philosophy on living well is centered around the immense fulfillment I get from working, I’m a workaholic, and that’s okay!

Words she lives by
Find what you love doing, and find a way to do it!

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