In conversation with renowned food writer Emma Galloway

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Emma Galloway understands the power of fresh and nutritious wholefoods. The successful New Zealand food writer has garnered a base of loyal fans around the world who eagerly await her real-food culinary masterpieces. With a vivid, creative take on everyday fare, she has mouths salivating as she creates dishes such as delicious plum, lemon and olive oil cakes and orange-roasted asparagus with halloumi + mint. We talk to Emma about her grounded lifestyle and nourishing from within.


On her perfect eating day
My perfect eating day starts with a big glass of lukewarm water with either a squeeze of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, followed by another 2-3 glasses of plain lukewarm water. An hour or so later I'd eat eggs on homemade buckwheat sourdough with some fermented veggies on the side. Lunch would be a big salad, with tons of toasted nuts and seeds. A cup of herb tea or milky dandelion root tea would get me through the afternoon, maybe a little dark chocolate too. Dinner would be a huge bowl of spice-roasted root vegetables with crispy chickpeas and a killer sauce.

Staying balanced
I walk barefoot on the beach as often as I can. It's my happy place and where I figure a lot of stuff out. I'm also trying really hard to be gentler on myself, I have a tendency to push myself beyond my limits and have crashed in the past, but after some rather scary events last year I'm teaching myself that it's ok to just be, that I am enough and that the dishes can wait if it's beautiful and sunny outside! I also try to meditate as often as I can, even if I can only manage 10 minutes a day and I practice yoga as often as I can, though I'm hoping to get back into classes real soon as I'm never as dedicated when I do it at home.

Her favourite place to escape to
Somewhere tropical and warm, near a beach, always. A few places spring to mind- Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand. These places all have some of the worlds most amazing food too, which is always a bonus.

On her self-care rituals
Daily - Every night before bed I lay on my Shakti (acupuncture) mat for 20 minutes, then massage a little lavender oil on the soles of my feet for the best sleep ever.
Weekly - 3-4 beach walks per week
Monthly - 1 day of me time when my kids are at school, to do whatever I want or do nothing at all without feeling like I should be doing something (easier said than done when you work from home!).

On beauty
My beauty routine is super simple, I only use natural locally made products and I don't wear make-up other than on the very odd occasion. I'd say a good face oil is probably something I couldn't live without, especially now as we are heading into the cooler months here in NZ. I rub a drop or two onto my face before moisturising, morning and night. (Only night time in the Summer).

On productivity
I'm a serial list-writer. It's the only way I can keep on top of things and get things done. The feeling of satisfaction one gets when ticking something off the to-do list is immeasurable :-) From my chef training days I learnt to write time plans, and I will often still do this when working on multiple projects or when big projects crop up. Breaking things down into smaller achievable goals makes things so much easier to tackle.

On finding inspiration
Reading cookbooks and my favourite food magazines! Though I don't do it much, eating out can also work wonders too. 

Life lessons she's learnt along the way
That life needn't be a competition. It's so easy in this crazy social media filled world to get caught up in it all. I truly believe that there's room for everyone and if you do what you do with honesty, love and passion, the right people will find you.