The sensory experience at Coqui Coqui


By Katie Huggins

Luxurious Mexican spa Coqui Coqui, is a vision by French contemporary landscape architect and perfumer Nicolas Malleville. Combining the scents of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula region and Malleville’s love for the region and its rich history, he has created a truly spectacular experience for the senses.

With a lush Gulf of Mexico beach backdrop, and cool, open rooms, Coqui and Coqui Spa is the height of perfume and spa luxury. The complex is built to resemble Spanish ruins, and the intimacy of the hotel, comprising of only four rooms, sometimes only one per location, the may be  hidden away in the Mayan jungle or on sandy white beaches - ensures you really will disappear into the landscape around you.

Malleville was inspired by the Spanish Monks that originally found the Yucatan Peninsula, and brought the ingredients for perfumes back from the New World. The perfumes and spas combine old Monk healing practices for a spiritual cleansing.

The famed perfumery, which started it all, has created thirteen exotic scents that are inspired by the natural flora of Mexico. Some speciality scents include tabacco, eucalyptus, cedar and tropical agave. Each residence and spa has its own personalised scent based on the area.


The architecture of each residence is built to resemble beautiful ruins. There are limited rooms and all are built for luxury and privacy. Enjoy large, open European style rooms and your own private pool. Located in unique places along the peninsula, including the Valladolid residence and spa which is built above the perfumery and boasts specialised spa treatments.  


Coqui Coqui is dedicated to sustainable agriculture practices. Their signature dishes and cocktails are created using ingredients from their own orchard in Coba. The food is an array of traditional dishes with a contemporary twist to align with their lifestyle. All food is a homage to the Yucatan Peninsula, playing with tastes, aroma and textures to create a perfect moment.  


The spas combine both traditional and modern simplistic methods for a holistic approach. Catering for both physical and emotional wellbeing, carefully curated treatments by therapists leave guests feeling completely renewed. The signature perfumes and organic oils are individually prepared for every treatments. The spa offers the perfect escape from reality during your incredible stay.


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