Teresa Palmer on weaving her magic on the world through film and a personal connection

Actress Teresa Palmer has a heart of gold and is weaving her magic touch on the world, one film at a a time.


On living a life of wellness

I have a great passion for living our lives as healthy as possible in terms of mind, body and soul. I have personally seen the huge benefits in my own life from leaning in to this way of being. Because of the position that I was in with our industry, I knew that I had access to the information and resources that can help set you on the path of wellness. It felt like an organic decision to create a community  (Your Zen Life) in which I can share what I have learnt as well as provide a platform for other like-minded people to share their own story. I wanted to give everyone a voice and the chance to inspire and encourage one another. 

The emphasis on appearance in the film industry

I try not to focus too much on my physical appearance outside of work because there is a real attention paid to the way a woman dresses and looks physically in my industry. However when I'm working and attending an event I do have fun playing around with different looks. 

On her favourite products

Artistry Creme LX moisturiser is my favourite luxurious cream for every day use and almond oil as an all over body moisturiser.  For clothing, Black J Brand jeans, few pair of flat shoes, my oversized Ellery white t-shirt, my long hippie dress and I love wearing button up shirts with chic shorts. Anything with buttons down the front so that breastfeeding is easier.

On life lessons she's learnt along the way

To source happiness from internal as opposed to external sources. In my life this has been the key to living a more conscious and fruitful life. Once I grasped this concept it has really taken affect on my life in a beautiful way.